Aiir Networks can help provide enhanced stakeholder engagement and experiences, with reliable wireless services at events and in public spaces.

Aiir, everywhere

Citizens are becoming more demanding and the expectation of readily available wireless connectivity in public areas is higher than ever before.  Aiir Networks can help you provide such connectivity, even in traditionally hard-to-reach locations.  Customers and other stakeholders will also be satisfied with superfast connection speeds in places such as the high street, shopping malls, music venues and anywhere else.

Customising experiences based on location

What’s most exciting about having Aiir Networks connections in public places is how you will be able to use those connections to push tailored messages to your citzens, customers and other stakeholders.  On the high street, this could be to let shoppers know where the hottest deals are.  At events, for example, it could help deliver messages about parking availability, remind people to visit the merchandise stand or provide way-finding services.

With fast and reliable connectivity from Aiir Networks, the possibilities on how and when you communicate with people in order to enrich their experiences is far reaching.

Be a part of the total connectivity revolution!

The prospect of superfast broadband, regardless of location, is finally here.  If you are interested in finding out how to get connected, complete the enquiry form below and we will keep you posted on the important developments in your location.

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