Aiir Networks is helping to bring superfast, reliable, wireless broadband connectivity to homes and businesses throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK – even in traditionally hard-to-reach communities.

Aiir at home

At home, Aiir will release everyone in your household from the constraints of a slow (or no) internet connection.  You will marvel at superfast speeds which suddenly open a myriad of online opportunities.

With no more excruciatingly long download times, every action is refreshingly fast and efficient.  Shopping online becomes a joy.  Media streaming becomes painless, while the irritation of buffering finally becomes a thing of the past.  You’ll also feel more connected to family and friends than ever, with crisp and clear video conferencing capabilities.


Aiir for businesses

With Aiir, irrespective of your location, you can pay a pre-agreed price per month and we provide everything else as a service, including all of the hardware your business needs to get online, as well as proactive monitoring and support to make sure your business stays online and your employees remain productive throughout the working day.

Aiir for your stakeholders

Aiir is also the perfect solution for businesses which are looking to provide wireless connectivity to customers.  For a pre-agreed fixed price per month, we will ensure people can connect to a reliable wireless signal on your premises.  We can also help develop solutions which provide enhanced customer engagement and/or experiences, e.g. improving spectator or citizen engagement with wireless services in public spaces.

Be a part of the total connectivity revolution!

The prospect of superfast broadband in your home or business – irrespective of where you live – is finally here.  If you’re interested in finding out how to get connected, send an e-mail with your name and your postcode to getconnected@aiirnetworks. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below and we will keep you posted on the important developments in your area.

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