Industry & Agriculture Applications


Aiir Networks connectivity has multiple Internet of Things applications, even if those ‘things’ happen to be in the most inaccessible locations.

Telemetry & Measurement

Currently, Aiir Networks is assisting ground breaking research into renewable energy by providing the connectivity that allows research data to be collected inside wind turbines and communicated to research teams.  In spheres such as agriculture and aquaculture, powerful sensor equipment is able to use the high speed network connections provided by Aiir Networks to report on the movement and health of valuable livestock – even in those traditionally hard-to-reach areas.

Artificial Intelligence

Accurate and reliable process automation hinges upon decision making being efficient enough (can decisions be made quickly?) and intelligent enough (do we have the appropriate information at our disposal to make the correct decisions?)  Thus, two way communication of data is pivotal to facilitating success in what is arguably one of the most exciting areas of technological advancement.  Moreover, Aiir Networks is helping to bring this type of connectivity to communities everywhere, so that we can all enjoy the benefits, irrespective of where we live.

Monitoring, surveillance & alerting

The most effective business security systems require a reliable, high-speed internet connection to be able to do the job they’re trusted to do, i.e. protecting our offices, our data and our people with real-time surveillance and, of course, by immediately alerting us to security breaches so that we can mitigate the amount of damage done.  Naturally, with no such connectivity, businesses are laid open to higher levels of vulnerability and risk.  At Aiir Networks, we want to make sure that high-speed connectivity is available to everyone, everywhere so that homes and businesses throughout the country have a level of connectivity which makes all of us more secure.

These examples are just the beginning and, in actual fact, the implications of total connectivity – where everyone is connected to everything, everywhere – are far wider.  Indeed, with Aiir Networks connectivity, the power to measure and communicate real-time data from any source to anybody/anything is within your grasp.

Be a part of total connectivity revolution.

If you’re interested in finding out other ways in which Aiir Networks connectivity can facilitate industry, send an e-mail with your name, your business or organisation name and your postcode to  Alternatively, complete the enquiry form below and we will keep you posted on the important developments in your area.

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